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Hubble’s Top 100 images

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The Spitzer Space Telescope: 10 years of viewing the Universe’s dark side

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David Hearn takes outreach to new level with Kissimmee Park Observatory

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Cygnus, The Swan, is a majestic and easy to identify constellation in the northern hemisphere. This is best viewed in summer and autumn when it rises overhead in the night skies. Cygnus is a great naked eye constellation with lots of detail and great objects within it as you start to use more powerful optical …

The constellation Orion is an easily recognisable star grouping visible in the northern hemisphere in even the most light polluted skies. Orion is depicted in amy ways: as a hunter wielding a club and shield, brandishing a sword and shield, or clubbing a lion. These however are just visualisations interpreting a pattern in the stars. …

Everyone at some time in their lives must have looked up at the stars in awe at the vastness of our home galaxy and the universe. This is the first step in your journey in the amazing world of astronomy. I am writing this series of articles as I found it very difficult to work …