Sorry we missed you on Halloween, but we’ve still got a treat for you. Yes, another issue of RocketSTEM, just one month removed from the last one. Call it feeling ambitious, or just plain insanity, but here it is. This issue shines the spotlight on Mars and humanity’s attempts to better understand the Red Planet.

Among the featured items in the November 2013 issue are:

  • India prepares its first launch to investigate Mars.
  • NASA readies MAVEN to explore the atmosphere of the Red Planet.
  • An overview of the five spacecraft currently exploring Mars.
  • The Mars Society has a goal of places humans on the Red Planet within a decade.
  • Inspiration Mars is working to send astronauts on a slingshot around Mars.
  • Mars One wants to colonize the Red Planet and broadcast it as reality television.
  • A tribute to Scott Carpenter, one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts.
  • Our Top 10 must-see list of celestial objects for backyard astronomers.
  • Forty-eight pages of pure content. No advertising.

All that – and more – in this issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

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Table of Contents

Tweeting from the ISS

Titan’s northern lakes resemble Earth’s salt flats

Students send experiments 
to space on suborbital flight

Delta V and the GRAVITY of the situation

How long before we get there?

Robotic armada is invading Mars 
from all directions

of windblown 
on Mars

India launching MOM to study Mars

NASA’s MAVEN orbiter set to launch on quest to study Mars atmosphere

The Mars Society: Humans to Mars in a decade

Inspiration Mars plans for human slingshot

Mars One betting colonizing planet will be great television

Planets rich in carbon 
may be waterless worlds

NASA Spinoffs from Mars exploration

Scott Carpenter:
 A tribute to a curious but ordinary superman

One year later: Endeavour still awing the people throughout Los Angeles

Cassini swings 
high above Saturn to take a portrait

Top 10 must-see list for new astronomers

Fiery end for ESA’s ATV Albert Einstein

How fast can Juno go?

Juno’s flyby portrait of Earth

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