Join us in this special supersize issue of RocketSTEM as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. We’ve got you covered with an expansive pictorial featuring many of the lesser known photos from the historic mission, as well as a number of anecdotes from those who were involved in the massive undertaking. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin shares his thoughts on the Moon landing and the events leading up to the mission, as well as his hopes to colonize Mars in the coming decades. We also speak to Jack King, the man known the world over as ‘The Voice of Apollo.’ We travel to Morehead Planetarium and learn how the early astronauts would travel there to learn to navigate by the stars. We take you behind the scenes of the Apollo space program and meet some of the unsung heroes of the race to the Moon.

But this issue is not all about Apollo. We bring you stories about the Morpheus test lander, the Google Lunar X Prize and one college team hoping to win the $20 million prize. We give you advice on observing and photographing the Earth’s nearest neighbor, the Moon. We go high up on the slopes of a Hawaiian volcano to discover a group of adventurers who are simulating a four-month stay on the Red Planet. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden updates us on the future of America’s space program, and we check out the latest progress on commercial crew efforts by Boeing and SpaceX.

All that – and more – in this issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

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Table of Contents

Apollo 11: A giant leap for mankind

Jack King: The Voice of Apollo

Buzz Aldrin: It’s time to colonize the Red Planet

Antares rocket launches cargo to space station

OCO-2 studying the atmosphere

MoonBots Challenge inspiring kids

Teams vie for $20 million lunar prize

Penn State students aim for the Moon

All about the Earth’s moon

Take a closer look at the Moon

Moon phases: Past, present and future

The new Eagle has landed (via the Boeing Space Tug)

Unsung heroes of the Apollo program

Learning celestial navigation at Morehead Planetarium

Project Morpheus: Flying a test bed for future landers

HI-SEAS 2: Living on a simulated Mars

Meet the crew of HI-SEAS 2

Boeing unveils CST-100 spacecraft

Revealing a new Dragon

New vehicles pave way for exploration

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