While we hope you make RocketSTEM your favorite destination for space news and STEM resources, we also would like to invite you to visit these other websites. When it comes to staying current with all the news about space exploration – or just looking for historical features – there are a lot of fine choices, each with their own spin on this vast universe of information.


Little Astronomy is a passion project started by Canadian journalist Elena Stone with the objective of welcoming more people into the astronomy community. The site is built to be easy to communicate and share her curiosity for all things space and help newcomers with the journey so they can enjoy the hobby as much as she does.

Space UpClose is dedicated to impactful reporting on topical aspects of space exploration, astronomy and science across the globe from an up-close perspective about the high frontier. Dr. Ken Kremer – a research scientist and journalist based near Kennedy Space Center – offers his independent analysis about a variety of space topics, with a focus on human spaceflight and Mars exploration.

Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly has captured stories related to the people, projects, and programs that have been part of more than half a century of civil, military, commercial, and international space activities. Since 1992 the peer-reviewed publication has featured stories and interviews from professional historians, amateur historians, enthusiasts, and people who’ve worked in the industry.

AmericaSpace was founded in 2009 by two former aerospace engineers. Since then, the site has been dedicated to reporting on the state of America’s space and aerospace efforts, which for many have been, and remain, synonymous of America’s willingness, indeed enthusiasm, to reach new horizons. AmericaSpace is for a nation that explores.
The Orbital Mechanics is an audio podcast released every week. It covers the latest spaceflight news, discusses past, current and future exploration efforts, and takes a look at upcoming events. Tune in to hear about how humans get to space, how they stay in space and how unmanned craft reach farther and farther into the universe around us.
WeMartians is an audio podcast dedicated to engaging the public on the exploration of Mars in a fun, simple, educational and inspiring way. Special guests highlight incredible real-world work being done right now to help us learn more about the Red Planet and pave the way for human exploration. WeMartians is recorded and produced in Vancouver, British Columbia.
collectSPACE is the leading online publication, resource site and online community for space history enthusiasts. Its readership includes historians, museum curators and conservators, educators, authors, and private collectors. Astronauts and space program works, both active and retired are also members of the collectSPACE community and audience.
NASASpaceFlight is dedicated to expanding the public’s awareness and respect for the space flight industry, which in turn is reflected in the many thousands of space industry visitors to the site, ranging from NASA to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Space Alliance and commercial space flight arena.
SpaceFlight Insider is a space news media outlet working to give its viewers unique levels of access to all space-related news and imagery. A team of highly-skilled professionals around the globe report on space events as they happen. SpaceFlight Insider strives to provide the very best to its loyal supporters with the most timely and accurate information possible.
SPACE 3.0 represents the next evolution of space products and services. As we consider a free and open space economy, we need to preserve past knowledge; define a vision; and encourage, support, and educate those leading the efforts. As a charitable grant-making organization, SPACE 3.0 was created to identify worthy ideas and provide funding. Donations are channeled to projects that meet our past, present, and future missions.