After a long summer hiatus, we are back with the third issue of RocketSTEM magazine. This issue marks the last of our large quarterly issues. Our fourth issue will be released in early November.

  • Among the featured items in the October 2013 issue are:
  • The Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered interstellar space.
  • An interview with British cosmonaut Helen Sharman, the first European woman to rocket into space.
  • LADEE launches toward the moon to study the lunar atmosphere.
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation makes its first delivery to the ISS using the Cygnus spacecraft.
  • This month’s edition of our astronomy guide helps you recognise the night sky.
  • A light-hearted question and answer session with Hollywood actor and space geek, Seth Green.
  • Sixty-eight pages of pure content. No advertising.

All that – and more – in this issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

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Table of Contents

United Launch Alliance celebrates 75th successful launch

Cassini images Earth beneath Saturn’s rings

LADEE on mission to study Moon’s thin atmosphere

Into the unknown! Interstellar adventure begins for Voyager 1

Radio bursts discovered from beyond our galaxy

Lockheed Martin supplying advanced GPS, secure communication satellites

What would we want to know if we landed on Jupiter’s Europa?

Being a cosmonaut was ‘just a job’ for history-making Helen Sharman

Cold brown dwarfs blur line between stars and planets

Antares delivers Cygnus to ISS

Actor Seth Green has his eye on space

WISE finds mysterious centaurs may be comets

Masten’s Xombie rocket tests new precision landing software

Starting in astronomy: Recognising the night sky

Cygnus the swan

Saturn’s monster storm surprises

Importance of exercise while in orbit

NASA Spinoffs for health and medicine

Soot likely played a role in 1800s glacier retreat

Spacefest V: The ultimate party for space lovers

La Nada climate pattern lingers

Can SpaceShipTwo fly up to space?

Go where no student has gone before

Students learn about physics from energetic demonstrations

NASA chooses Hampton Roads school team for microgravity experiment

Deep Impact comet hunter mission comes to an end

FINDER keepers: Technology developed for outer space is saving lives on Earth

Landing of Expedition 36

Launch of Expedition 37 to ISS

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