Join us as we inspire the next generation of explorers!

Our audience is growing worldwide and as a result, we are looking to expand the content of RocketSTEM, build out our organization, and to lay the groundwork for several other educational-related projects we have in mind. To do that we are going to need more help in just about every capacity, including more than a few we probably haven’t even thought of ourselves yet.

RocketSTEM has been an entire volunteer effort to date with contributors not just from the U.S., but several other countries as well. If your love of space and desire to change the world is strong, then jump aboard this rocket ship and go on the journey with us as we strive to inspire the next generation of explorers.

The following are the positions we have open at present. However, we are always interested in talented individuals to add to our organization, whether or not they fit any currently available position. Trust us. We will find ways to utilize every person’s skills as best as we can.

Social Media Manager:

We already have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn, however, we are not maximizing the potential of those profiles. We need someone that can manage these pages, grow our followers, and advise on expanding to other emerging social media platforms.

Outreach Specialist:

While we’ve contacted a number of educational organizations and schools about RocketSTEM, we could definitely use a hand in making certain that our magazine is being seen by even more educators around the world. Someone with contacts at national educational organizations, or just someone with the persistence and tenacity necessary to establish the avenues of communication necessary to get the word out about what our magazine has to offer.

SEO & Adwords Guru:

Our SEO at this point honestly is scattershot at best. We need someone with the experience and knowledge to make certain that the stories and photos on our website are SEO friendly, and to ensure that our website is getting maximum exposure on all the major search engines around the world. We also need someone that understands Google Adwords and can make the most of our advertising account.

Grant Writer:

As a fledgling non-profit, we’d like to be able to apply for grants from government programs, corporations, foundations other entities. We need someone with experience in grant writing that can either prepare grant applications for us or give us expert advice on best practices for doing so.

Fundraising Manager:

Corporate and government grants AND individual fundraising. Yes. We want it all. We feel it is best to seek funding from as many avenues as possible. We have big plans for the future of RocketSTEM and want someone that can network with potential donors – both large and small – and help us reach for the stars.


From Day One our desire has been to produce a magazine that would have content to appeal to all grade levels from Kindergarten through High School. To have a magazine with high-school level articles that would appeal to an older sibling and one that would also offer easy-to-read content for the younger siblings. Instilling excitement about space exploration and science at an early age may be the easiest way to ensure a person grows about curious enough to never stop learning. We need experienced educators who can not only guide us on the best way to accomplish this goal, but also educators who can help develop educational components to our featured articles, via classroom lesson plans, home projects, quizzes, and even fun and games.


Additional contributors to the magazine are always welcome, especially those with a background in aerospace, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, technology, or K-12 education. As the magazine’s production schedule accelerates, we will be expanding the breadth of content. Ideally, we want to have a range of articles in each issue that can appeal to all grade levels, as well as adding more classroom lesson plans and projects.

We’d also like to expand our staff of writers and photographers to include at least one person located near all the space centers in the U.S. and throughout the world. This would give us the ability to more easily respond to offers of behind-the-scenes access and to be able to conduct more of our interviews in person, as opposed to over the phone or email.


You can never have too many photographers. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get the cover, we’ll definitely try to feature your work and help you reach a wider audience. We also are working on a few unique benefits to offer to our staff photographers.

We’d like to expand our staff of writers and photographers to include at least one person located near all the space centers in the U.S. and throughout the world. This would give us the ability to more easily respond to offers of behind-the-scenes access and to be able to take our own photographs of interview subjects. We also need creative photographers located in Los Angeles, New York, and London who have a studio and would be available to do photoshoots with celebrities we feature in the magazine.

Copy Editor / Fact Checker:

Do you hate seeing typos in print as much as we do? Then come aboard and help us eliminate them before they make it into print. It also would be nice to have someone available to check the mathematics and basic facts of our magazine’s content. We accept that mistakes will happen, but we strive to minimize them and are quick to correct them when discovered.

Graphic Artist / Illustrator:

Is starting up Adobe Illustrator a bright spot of your morning? We’d like to have graphic artists and illustrators that can create unique artwork for the magazine and our outreach projects and promotional campaigns. We’ll give you an idea of what we need and allow you a lot of free reign on where to go from there.

See any positions that interest you? Or do have your own thoughts on a different way you can contribute to our organization? ‘Yes.’ Good answer. That’s awesome. Send an email to chase.clark [at] He’s our executive director and he’s waiting to hear from you.