For most students in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer break has arrived. We heartily recommend enjoying some relaxation in a hammock during the long, hot days of summer. But don’t forget to take some reading material with you to the beach, the mountains, the backyard, or wherever summer vacation takes you. With that in mind, we’ve released this issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

Our cover feature is an interview with famed theoretical physicist Dr. Brian Greene. For those wanting to extend their learning into the summer months, we recommend checking out World Science U, and its free online classes taught by Greene himself. For those wanting to participate in science directly, we’ve got an overview on the Zooniverse, which has surpassed more than one million citizen scientists analyzing images and helping with real ongoing research. Planning on doing some stargazing this summer? We’ve got a guide to getting started in astrophotography, as well as a number of stories on recent discoveries of planets, moons and other celestial objects. We also celebrate the Cassini spacecraft, which has spent a decade orbiting and exploring Saturn, its stunning rings and dozens of moons. In a bonus interview feature, we speak with NASA’s Jim Adams and learn the responsibilities of the agency’s Office of the Chief Technologist, as well as his thoughts on manned vs. unmanned exploration of space.

All that – and more – in this issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

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Table of Contents

Brian Greene and the challenges of physics

Cassini at Saturn: A decade exploring the ringed system

Zooniverse enables anyone to participate in science

Jim Adams: Keeping NASA’s technology on the right track

Fly me to the Moon (on the Boeing Space Tug)

Starting in astrophotography

World Science U launches online learning for everyone

Spinoff 2013 shows how much space is in our lives

NASA testing supersonic parachute, inflatable decelerator

NASA selfie during Earth Day 2014

Land ho! Expedition 39 returns to Earth

SLS engine prepared for the test stand

‘Smoke and fire’ rise over Utah Salt Flats as student rockets soar

Venus Express gets ready to take the plunge

Coldest brown dwarf found nearby

‘Club sandwich’ of oceans and ice may exist within Jovian moon

First exomoon possibly found

Cascading dunes visible in a Martian crater

Students create winning design for NASA’s first flight of Orion

Kepler finds nearest twin to Earth yet

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