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Have you got what it takes to become an astronaut?

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SpaceX Crew Dragon pinpoints first-ever splashdown in Gulf of Mexico

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The future of space may be female

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Dragon Endeavour delivers astronauts to ISS after historic flight

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Expedition 37 launch – The Soyuz TMA-10M rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Sept. 26, carrying Soyuz Commander Oleg Kotov, NASA Flight Engineer Michael Hopkins (left, middle) and Russian Flight Engineer Sergei Ryazansky to the ISS. Their Soyuz rocket launched at 2:58 a.m. local time. This article appeared in the 3rd issue of …

April 12, 1981: Space Shuttle Columbia launched this day from the LC-39A pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The STS-1 mission lasted just two days, circling the Earth 37 times, before landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Columbia carried a crew of two – mission commander John W. Young and pilot Robert …

NASA is challenging school-children to protect their future ride into space. The agency’s Exploration Design Challenge (EDC), announced March 11 during an event at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, engages U.S. students in kindergarten through high school in helping to solve the known problem of increased radiation exposure encountered on flights into deep space. …

America’s first space station, Skylab was launched into orbit on a Saturn V rocket in May of 1973. Three manned missions to the outpost were immensely successful. Repairs made to the orbital station during several spacewalks ultimately proved that it was possible for astronauts to conduct work in outer space, which gave NASA the confidence …

The launch of any new spacecraft cannot be regarded as ‘routine’; nor, indeed, can its inaugural checkout in orbit. The Skylab orbital workshop was an entirely new concept for the United States and a totally different spacecraft, larger, more spacious and in many ways far more complex, than any that had gone before. Shortly after launch, telemetry data indicated a premature deployment of the protective micrometeoroid shield and the No. 2 workshop solar array. The very future of the space station was hanging by a thread.

An overview of each Skylab mission, from launch of the orbiting space station through the once planned Space Shuttle rescue mission.