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Since receiving his first space book aged 5, Ben has been fascinated by anything to do with space exploration. He first started writing articles aged 15 and has written extensively for the magazines 'Spaceflight', 'Countdown' and 'Astronomy Now'. He has also written 8 books for Springer-Praxis and is currently working on a trilogy of factual novels about America's race to the Moon, aimed specifically at older children.

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Skylab: Disaster followed by triumph

The launch of any new spacecraft cannot be regarded as ‘routine’; nor, indeed, can its inaugural checkout in orbit. The Skylab orbital workshop was an entirely new concept for the United States and a totally different spacecraft, larger, more spacious and in many ways far more complex, than any that had gone before. Shortly after launch, telemetry data indicated a premature deployment of the protective micrometeoroid shield and the No. 2 workshop solar array. The very future of the space station was hanging by a thread.

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