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India’s Vikram lander remains silent since last moments of lunar descent

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Al Worden on the honor of being an astronaut

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Buzz Aldrin: It’s time to colonize the Red Planet

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Gene Cernan: A conversation with the last men on the Moon

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Forty years have passed since he left mankind’s last bootprint on the Moon, but Gene Cernan is a man focused on the future. He strongly believes that inspiring dreams within children, and encouraging STEM education is the path to a future where we walk on the Moon again. Cernan: “What we have to do is …

Of the 12 men who explored the Moon, only Dr. Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt was a  professional geologist. After years spent training those who had gone before him, he blazed a trail for the scientist-astronauts who would later follow him into space. Schmitt: “Well I think it was important to the space program because it set …

Forty years ago, humanity left its last footprints on the surface of another celestial body. Apollo 17 astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt guided their lunar module Challenger down into a beautiful, mountain-ringed valley in the Taurus Mountains, on the edge of the Moon’s Serenitatis basin, just south of the ancient crater Littrow. The spectacular …

Why the Moon is bigger closer to the horizon We don’t know. Not the writer, but the human population. That is not to say that there aren’t many theories, but we don’t know truly why. First off, you should probably know that the moon does not get any bigger physically. In fact if you use …