Lynx spacecraft making big screen debut


There is a lot of excitement coming in the near future for the Lynx spacecraft and everyone involved in its development at XCOR Aerospace. In a partnership with Centerboro Productions, XCOR’s Lynx spacecraft is going to be making its acting debut in the upcoming Science Fiction/Action/Thriller 3D movie  “Newcomers”, where a NASA astronaut becomes the last line of defense against a global alien invasion.

Scheduled to start production this year using regular and 3-D cameras on board the Lynx spaceship, this film will be the first to have exclusive footage shot from sub-orbital space by a privately owned commercial spaceflight company. The Lynx will be piloted by Col. Richard Seafoss. Andrew Nelson, Chief Operating Officer of XCOR said, “We are delighted to have our Lynx spacecraft showcased in the film. We think that Newcomers will be a fantastic piece of entertainment for science fiction fans.”

There will be a number of promotions surrounding the release of the film. According to Patricia A. Beninati, Producer and Writer from Centerboro Productions, “XCOR has provided the company with tickets for rides aboard the Lynx into sub-orbital space. During production, there will be public announcements made and contests to win tickets for the ride of a lifetime”. Additionally, they are planning the film’s grand opening at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. There will also be giveaways at the end of the movie.

Though Beninati was unable to disclose the specific details at the moment, she did mention that inspiring our youth to critically think about issues related to the long-term survival of our planet will hopefully become an inherent side-effect of the movie’s underlying theme. The producers are deeply involved in educational initiatives – especially when it comes to keeping children dreaming and making content that will inspire them to be the next group of astronauts and scientists.

“Newcomers” movie will present an exhilarating, action-packed adventure, following a NASA astronaut and Air Force pilot down on his luck, who gets called back to duty at the beginning of an alien invasion to save the planet.

Endearing NASA astronaut Mike Massimino, whose notable space accomplishments include two shuttle missions, STS-109 and STS-125 (both of which serviced the Hubble Space Telescope), along with being the first astronaut to use Twitter from space, has a role written into the script for him to play the lead role’s best friend in the movie. You may recall Massimino’s previous acting experience as a guest star on several episodes of the “The Big Bang Theory”.

The  “Newcomers” screenplay, which will be checked for scientific accuracy by NASA scientist Lewis L. Peach, was adapted from an original story created by Beninati. Actor and crew training for the film will take place at various NASA locations and XCOR Aerospace.

Get ready for an intergalactic thrill ride that will knock you out of your seat!

This article appeared in the 5th issue of RocketSTEM magazine.

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